Leave Christmas to the Pros

By Rob Drew of Green Oasis

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year here in Wisconsin.  The long nights accompanied by a blanket of moonlit snow forms the perfect canvas for Christmas lights.  Many memories are made by loading up the kids in the car, turning up holiday songs on the radio and rolling through neighborhoods while the kids press their tiny faces to the window and gaze in wonder. However, the reality of making this happen isn’t exactly something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Frigid fingers, slippery ladders, blown fuses, and trying to find the 1 light that is out is the reality of lighting your home for the holidays.

Professional lighting services are becoming an increasingly popular option for holiday home decorating.  Convenience is the primary reason that many homeowners are choosing to go with professional lighting installation.  However, opting for professional installation offers a number of advantages over the do-it-yourself method.

It all starts with a custom design tailored to your home.  Design technology today can create a photographic rendering of what the finished product will look like.  Professional design staff can make sure to accentuate any unique architectural features with lighting or other décor items.  Product choices are another crucial aspect of any installation. Products can be custom cut and assembled for each individual house.  No more having to buy 50’ of lights to cover 40’ of roofline and then leaving 10 feet of lights dangling from the eaves.  Professional installers take great care to make sure that the display is clean with no extraneous wires visible.

Most installation companies have options depending upon the needs of each home owner.  Some companies can install customer-owned lights and products or lease everything that is needed.  Leasing is often the best option to ensure that the products can be guaranteed and when products wear out they simply get replaced as part of your agreement.  Leasing also adds an extra level of convenience by not having to store your own lights.

Of course, much of the decision comes down to enjoying a safe and hassle free Christmas and being able to check decorating off the to-do list.  A professional installation company has the staffing and equipment on hand to be able to access parts of the home that a customer may not be able to reach.  Specialized ladders and lifts can reach the tallest roofs and trees creating an even more impressive display.  This is even more important when it comes time to take the lights down.  Snow covered roofs and icy ladders are last thing a homeowner wants to deal with in January.

Christmas is a busy time of the year and professional Christmas light installation can save time as well as provide peace of mind.


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