Letting the Light In!

early-in-the-morning-1757091_1920An attractive window and the right light can change everything – from your room to your mood. Dressing windows and bringing light into a room can be done in many ways, but the products differ considerably, so do some homework before you pull out your purse or wallet.

First, consider how you and your family live in a room and how important privacy is to you, then factor in your personal style. Next, consider how you’d like your window fashions to function; there are numerous options for your windows, and each have unique functionality. It is important that you visit local suppliers and stores because decisions about window fashions are much more easily made if you can see, touch and experience how the different window fashions work. This is much harder to do when shopping online, plus local designers will be able to give advice on products and help steer you in the right direction, if needed. While choosing window fashions might seem overwhelming at first, don’t worry, you will find there are styles for every taste and every room.

Blinds vs. Shades

Horizontal blinds tilt, lift, and can be made from metal, such as sleek aluminum, genuine hardwood, wood blends, or fabric. Vertical blinds are ideal for wide window expanses and sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds are now available in wider, more contemporary panels and softly curved vanes that mimic draperies.

Shades turn harsh rays into soft, ambient light. They can lift from the top down or the bottom up and typically have more function than blinds. Some different types of shades include:

  1. Cellular Honeycomb style shades are often the least expensive option and provide the highest insulation value, because they have extra “pockets” or layers of insulation. Honeycomb shades are energy efficient and come in an extensive array of fabrics to filter or completely block light and provide beauty year-round.
  2. Roller shades offer a simplified, classic look that works for any room in your home with options that include sheer, opaque, floral patterns and colors. Roller shades often offer a good price and provide a contemporary look. There are also many options for the lift systems on roller shades and valance covers to hide the roll at the top of your window.
  3. Roman shades always look stylish and come in soft, supple fabrics and several fold styles, such as stacks or soft rolls.
  4. Woven woods or Natural fiber shades create a warm, natural backdrop in any room with light-filtering reeds and grasses, or woods and wood alternatives. These types of shades function like Roman shades and are often in the midline price point.


With the addition of motorization to your window fashions, the most beautiful window treatments now become the most intelligent. In the 21st century, low-voltage power functions can be added to almost any type of window dressing. The power can be battery operated, plugged in to a wall outlet, or hard-wired into your home’s electrical system.

Motorized window fashions are also Wi-Fi compatible so they can be operated through the smart devices you already use every day, such as a smart phone or smart device, like Amazon’s Alexa. This technology can provide enhanced child and home security, as well as general ease of function. Window fashions can even be programmed on a schedule to automatically move according to the sun’s daily patterns. Plus, even when you’re away, you can adjust your window fashions! At the airport, but forgot to close your shades? No problem! If smart technology isn’t quite your thing, don’t worry. You can still purchase motorized window fashions that can be controlled by a wall or handheld remote.

Whether you’re looking for light control, energy efficiency, or operating systems and motorization which make your home smarter, your days easier, and every room more beautiful…your local window dressing sales team can help you master the art of window dressing by engineering innovative functions into stylish, versatile looks for every window in your house.

Jolene Frey is a Designer at Bed, Bath and Drapery Shop, a member of the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association. Blogs are often submitted by members of the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association. For more information, please call 715-835-2526 or email jen@cvhomebuilders.com

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