Work From Home in Style

With more people working from home, it is becoming harder and harder to keep our work lives separate from our personal lives. Since home has become your new work environment, it is important to carve out a workspace designated specifically for work. Finding your space, knowing your necessities for working at home, personalizing your space and enjoying your new area are some important steps to creating an amazing workspace separate from your personal space! We also have some great tips for working at home in style!

Finding your Space:Office-Empty-1-600x800

Find your work only space! Whether this is a small section of a room, or an entire room, set the space aside for work. Creating a space strictly for business can help alleviate work distractions and create an internal sense of ‘going to work’ without ever leaving the house. Most importantly, remember that when you are in your office, you’re at work and not at home. Household chores do not have to break your concentration. Treat your schedule like a typical workday; get laundry done before heading to work and do the dishes after dinner. You don’t have to add more household chores into your day because you are working from home!

Knowing your Necessities:

If you’ve never worked from home, one of your first questions may have been, “What do I need to work from home?”. Unfortunately, there isn’t a set-in-stone answer. Necessities for a successful ‘working from home’ environment vary from person to person. But the good news is, once you’ve created your workspace you will start to pick up on your working-from-home necessities! Do you need a wireless printer for projects? Do you work better with individual task lists or a large calendar? Are you easily distracted by certain household noises, such as the TV or dishwasher? Once you have your workstation set up, listen to what your body says is distracting! If the TV distracts you, you might need headphones or to move your workstation to a different room in the house. At the office, email reminders may have been your best friend. But now at home, they don’t work as well. Switch to a written planner! Now’s the time where you get to be in charge of your work environment!

Office-2-1253x800Personalizing your Space:

Now is your chance to make your workstation your own, without worrying about office codes! Add in personal touches that make you happy and help you stay on track. Having an office with personal touches help build excitement about going to work, even if you’re only going down the hall!  Put a plant on your desk, hang up some pictures on the wall or even buy a fun water bottle that stays ‘at the office’! Get creative with decorating your office. You are more likely to accomplish tasks if you enjoy the area you’re working in.

Enjoy your New Area:

Make your workstation a set-up you are happy with! You will be more likely to use the station and feel motivated if it is inviting to you. This is your chance to get away from home and go to work, you want to feel energized about this.

Tips and Tricks:

Make sure you stock your workstation with your workday essentials! Keep extra pens, staples, paper and personal supplies close to your work area. This minimizes time spent looking for supplies and keeps you focusing on your task instead of looking for that stapler. Discovering ways to de-stress while working at home can be a big help also. For example, lighting a candle or adding in background noise might help you concentrate better.

During such unprecedented times, it is extremely important to create some normalcy in everyday life. Creating a workstation in your house that is strictly for work can help bring some ‘normal’ back into your schedule! It’s a way to ‘leave home’ and switch from home brain to work brain. Be creative! Your work station can look however you want it to! Follow these simple steps to help start your new workday with a new perspective!

Alecia Plaetz owns Gray Area Interiors, a member of the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association. Blogs are submitted by members of the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association. For more information, please call 715-835-2526 or email

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