Time to Untangle Holiday Lights

It’s that time of year again when we begin digging out the sets of lights to illuminate homes for the holiday season. Here are a few tips to make hanging up the lights more of a joy than a chore.

Start early! Dig out the lights sooner rather than later. Figure out if you need to replace any lights or if you would like to add any lights to your display.

 Be sure to plan ahead-this year, getting Christmas lights and decorations to stores has been a mess. Many of these items that are typically stocked on the store shelves are still sitting in a shipping container off the coast of the states.

Inspect the lights. Be sure all the lights are working properly and that there are no damaged lights or wires. Just because the lights work doesn’t mean you should use them. Sheathing on wires can become brittle and cracked exposing copper and live electricity. Replace strings that have copper exposed. Be smart if you plan to get off the found to hang lights. Follow ladder instructions and save the tree climbing for the monkeys.

To create a clean, uniform look along the rooflines, clip every bulb. This places all the lights in the same direction and cleanly defines a roofline. Use larger lights along rooflines and large trees. The larger lights have more spacing between bulbs making it easier to clip every bulb.

Drizzle lights in a zigzag pattern on shrubs and trees rather than going straight around or up and down a tree. This makes it easier to decorate and undecorate a shrub or tree and when you evenly cover the object with lights it looks really nice.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy the results!

Sean Malone is the owner of Thomas Leigh Lighting. The Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association is a free resource available to all homeowners building or remodeling a home. For more information please call 715-835-2526 or email info@cvhomebuilders.com.

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