Outdoor Pests and the problems they cause

There is nothing more frustrating than spending all your time building the perfect backyard sanctuary just to have it ruined by annoying pests.

Moles, Voles & Gophers
They may look like adorable creatures, but moles, voles and gophers can be harmful to both your property and your health. They can damage lawns and gardens as well as underground wiring. They can also carry parasites that can spread diseases to humans. They may decide to snack on the roots of your plants and cause the plants to wither up and die. To rid your yard of these creatures you have a few options. You can start with a repellent which comes in many forms. Natural repellents often use castor oil or citronella oil and will be safer for pets and kids. Ultrasonic models are popular, low maintenance alternative to physical repellents. If the repellents are not working, you may need to call in a professional pest control service.

Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

As the weather warms you will start to see the familiar mounds of dirt and the busy ants working away. Ants in the soil outside your home are not a cause for concern but the last thing you want is to be stuck with an infestation in your home or business. Ants live in colonies so if you notice a few inside there are probably more to be found. Some ant species like carpenter ants can create tunnels in wood that may damage the structure of your home or business. Keeping your house clean of spilled food or sugary drinks will help the ants away. If you do see a few signs of ants try using a liquid bait station, you can find these at most home improvement stores. They will carry the bait back to their colony and it will poison all the ants. If your infestation is a larger problem your best bet is to call a professional that can clear them out.

Grubs are the wormlike larva of certain beetle species. They feed on the roots of your grass and can cause the grass to die. If you see small patches of lawn that are dry and wilted, you may have grubs. You may also see crows tearing up your lawn to feed on them causing even more damage. Keeping your lawn healthy may help prevent these damaging little creatures. Be sure to fertilize, mulch, and keep your grass at least two inches high. Regular aeration will keep the beetles from laying their eggs as they prefer undisturbed soil. Timing is important when it comes to grub control, catching them after they hatch and before they start to feed will keep your lawn from suffering too much damage. You can purchase grub control from your local home improvement store to spread on your lawn, or you can call your local lawn care or pest control professionals to have them apply a grub control.

With these tips you can keep your lawn healthy and free of pests all season long.

Lloyd Katusky and Mike Ness are the owners of 1st Choice Pest Solutions. The CVHBA is a free resource available to all homeowners building or remodeling a home. For more information please call 715-835-2526 or email info@cvhomebuilders.com.

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