Beware of holiday porch pirates

This time of year is full of love, cheer and holiday gatherings. You will be ordering gifts online, booking travel plans, decorating, and baking. All of these things are the hallmark of the season but each one of them poses a risk to your home. We have all seen the holiday movie with the dangers of unwanted attention to your home. Read on to find ways to keep your home and property safe this year.

Monitor Your Packages
Porch pirates are rampant this time of year. Everyone is shopping online more and package thieves are on the lookout for your gifts left on the doorstep. If most of your packages are delivered when you are not at home, consider investing in a smart doorbell with a camera. They may cause the package thief to think twice if they know they may be on film. If this isn’t an option, consider asking your neighbor or close friend to bring them inside for you. Alternately you can have your packages delivered to your office or held by the delivery company.

Avoid Unwanted Attention
Making your house look undesirable to anyone that would want to break in is important. Keep your outside areas brightly lit. If you are out of town invest in a timer for your lights so it looks like someone is home. Ask someone to stop in to bring in your mail, and packages to make it less obvious that you are not around. Make sure your gifts are well hidden and not in plain sight of a window. Invest in alarms for your home. With all the smart camera systems alarms are more accessible than ever.

Beware of Light Accidents
Lights are one of the most used décors for the winter holiday season.You will see them up and down in most neighborhoods and people have made it a tradition to get creative with their displays. Before you hang yours up make sure you check each strand. Throw away any frayed or worn strands to prevent an electrical shock hazard. To avoid overheating, never use more than 3 strands of lights on one extension cord. Use lights and outlets specifically made for outdoors so they are prepared to handle the elements.

Christmas Tree Safety
A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is the focal point of your space for the month of December. Putting it up is one of our favorite ways to start the season. A real tree brings a beautiful smell, and uniqueness, however you will want to keep them away from any radiators, fireplaces, or other heat sources. Check them often for dry needles and make sure you are keeping up on the watering.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season.

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